Berlin, Friedrichshain

Michelberger Hotel

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Why we like this hotel

There are no words to describe the extraordinary atmosphere in this iconic Berlin landmark, accommodating the likes of touring rock bands to intimate couples and burlesque dancers.
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Mathieu, NightNight collective

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Berlin, Friedrichshain

Michelberger Hotel

Warschauer Straße 39/40
10243 Berlin

Cool stuff nearby

East Side Gallery walk 5 min
Kreuzberg district walk 10 min
Berghain Club walk 15 min

The neighborhood


First impressions tend to be of six-lane thoroughfares lined with epic communist-era architecture, and old stretches of the Wall covered in street art. But dive into the side roads and you'll discover many cafés, bars, retro furniture shops and restaurants.

What you'll find there

  • Communist architecture
  • Lively side streets

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