Copenhagen, Nørrebro

Avenue Boutique Hotel

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This 1898 typical Danish villa is both a winter retreat for long, cold nights by the crackling fireplace and a summer residence with its leafy wooden deck. Either way, let the bartender be your guide.
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Copenhagen, Nørrebro

Avenue Boutique Hotel

Åboulevard 29, Frederiksberg, 1960 Copenhagen

Cool stuff nearby

Peblinge Lake walk 6 min
Assistens Cemetery walk 7 min
Acne Archive fashion outlet walk 10 min

The neighborhood


What you'll find there

  • Believe the hype in multicultural, young and vibrant Norrebro a.k.a. “Copenhagen N”. With edgy designer shops, artisan cafés and vintage boutiques along Jaegersborggade street, it competes face to face with the neighboring Vesterbro in the hipster war
  • Make sure to experience the eclectic dining scene, from contemporary Nordic fare to Michelin awarded Thai food to cheap kebab places. Then move on to one of the low-key bars that built Norrebo’s casual, young at heart reputation
  • Don't miss a good ol' stroll or bike session around the Assistens Cemetery or the Five Lakes (Søerne)

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