Copenhagen, Vesterbro

Bertrams Guldsmeden

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Why we like this hotel

Stay at this hotel to understand the meaning of “hyggeligt”, a Danish word that defies translation. It doesn’t just mean cosy: it’s about contentment, generous time to eat and drink, the golden glow of candlelight and is one of the great pleasures of social life in Denmark.
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Copenhagen, Vesterbro

Bertrams Guldsmeden

Vesterbrogade 107, Vesterbro, 1620 Copenhagen

Cool stuff nearby

Sankt Jørgens Lake walk 12 min
Tivoli Gardens walk 14 min
Copenhagen City Hall walk 15 min

The neighborhood


What you'll find there

  • Put on your thick-rimmed glasses and discover the neighborhood Thrillist Magazine elected as one of the 10 most hipster places in the world
  • Get stunned by the quiet revolution that transformed this former industrial, meat-production neighborhood in the 30s into a haven for hip partygoers
  • Be lazy, sleep in late. Wander around Kodbyen’s colorful buildings and try to pronounce the street names: Sonder Boulevard, Istedgade, Vaernedamsvej… And when you’re done, treat yourself to a nice cup of strong coffee in a fancy café with a Kierkegaard book at hand

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