Copenhagen, Amager

Guesthouse Copenhagen Beach

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What if the best way to discover the Danish harbour city were by staying by the sea? Urban pirates, here’s your beach house just a few metro stops from the city center. Ahoy!
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Copenhagen, Amager

Guesthouse Copenhagen Beach

Tovelillevej 59, 2300 Copenhagen

Cool stuff nearby

Amager Beach Park walk 8 min
Den Blå Planet subway 12 min
City center subway 16 min

The neighborhood


What you'll find there

  • Like a true Copenhagener, escape the city for the afternoon to breathe pure air in Amager’s various parks and beaches, just a few subway stops from the city center
  • Reawaken the child in you at Den Blå Planet (Denmark's National Aquarium), the biggest of its kind across all Northern Europe
  • Make sure to check out Havneparken (“The Harbour Park”), one of the most lively and popular places on the harbourfront. Open-air concerts, beach volleyball, pétanque, GoBoat… you name it

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