Copenhagen, Christianshavn

Sankt Annae B&B

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Why we like this hotel

Trust Helle’s sense of hospitality to experience a true Danish way of life in this stunning B&B. Bathrooms are shared but spotless, just like in a family house.
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Copenhagen, Christianshavn

Sankt Annae B&B

Sankt Annæ Gade 10, Christiania, 1416 Copenhagen

Cool stuff nearby

The Church of Our Saviour walk 2 min
The Black Diamond Library walk 11 min
Copenhagen Street Food walk 12 min

The neighborhood


What you'll find there

  • Live a genuine Danish experience and dive into the cultural, historical and geographical epicenter of the city. You will then understand why its proud inhabitants feel more like “Christianshavners” than “Copenhageners”...
  • Sense the nautical atmosphere of this ex-independent merchant town, now a lively and fashionable district where students, artists and businessmen live side by side
  • Do not miss Freetown Christiania, an alternative and autonomous neighborhood founded by hippies in the early 70s. A true society within a society, full of homemade houses and art galleries

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