Copenhagen, Vesterbro

Urban House Copenhagen

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Whether it’s to have a gourmet hot dog with a locally-brewed beer, get a new ink or go on a cool bike ride around hip Vesterbro, this is the place to be. Urban House Copenhagen houses both a tattoo parlor and a bicycle shop. Random, but awesome.
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Kevin, NightNight collective

Bonus features

Bike rental
Car park

Copenhagen, Vesterbro

Urban House Copenhagen

Colbjørnsensgade 5-11, Vesterbro, 1652 Copenhagen

Cool stuff nearby

Tivoli Gardens walk 5 min
Copenhagen City Hall walk 10 min
Islands Brygge Havnebadet subway 16 min

The neighborhood


What you'll find there

  • Put on your thick-rimmed glasses and discover the neighborhood Thrillist Magazine elected as one of the 10 most hipster places in the world
  • Get stunned by the quiet revolution that transformed this former industrial, meat-production neighborhood in the 30s into a haven for hip partygoers
  • Be lazy, sleep in late. Wander around Kodbyen’s colorful buildings and try to pronounce the street names: Sonder Boulevard, Istedgade, Vaernedamsvej… And when you’re done, treat yourself to a nice cup of strong coffee in a fancy café with a Kierkegaard book at hand

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