Hong Kong, Causeway Bay

Hotel Pennington

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Hotel rated 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor 4.5 / 5 See reviews

Why we like this hotel

Rooms are pretty small - like in most Hong Kong hotels - but we bet you will spend more time outside on the terrace or window shopping downstairs on Cleveland street with the money you saved on accommodation.
Handpicked by
Mathieu, NightNight collective

Bonus features

Air con

Hong Kong, Causeway Bay

Hotel Pennington

13-15 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Cool stuff nearby

Victoria Park walk 2 min
Cleveland street hip boutiques walk 6 min
Times Square Hong Kong walk 7 min

The neighborhood

Causeway Bay

What you'll find there

  • Kick off your day at Victoria Park, where you can observe Tai Chi practitioners stretching their limbs early in the morning
  • Forgo your personal space and blow the money you saved in the endless shopping malls, department stores, boutiques and market stalls Causeway Bay has to offer
  • Fixie ride to King street’s hipster eateries, cafés and barbers, then start the night gambling on a horse race with locals at Happy Valley Racecourse (wednesdays only)

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