Hong Kong, Hunghom (Kowloon)

Hotel Sav

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Boost your Instagram-cred with the complimentary smartphone provided. If you'd rather catch your Hong Kong friends IRL for a night out, local calls are included too.
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Air con
Car park

Hong Kong, Hunghom (Kowloon)

Hotel Sav

83 Wuhu Street, Hunghom, Hong Kong

Cool stuff nearby

Kun Yam Temple walk 2 min
Ko Shan Theatre walk 10 min
Cattle Depot Artist Village bus 16 min

The neighborhood

Hunghom (Kowloon)

What you'll find there

  • Watch a play of Cantonese Opera at the Ko Shan Theatre after taking a stroll at the surrounding Ko Shan Road Park
  • Pop in the Cattle Depot Artist Village, a century-old slaughterhouse which houses studios, exhibition halls and artists organisations in its red-brick buildings
  • Pay a visit to Kun Yam Temple, a 1873-landmark surrounded by many legends and local miracles

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