Hong Kong, San Po Kong (Kowloon)

Pentahotel Hong Kong

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Why we like this hotel

Laid-back vibes, free breakfast and a huge swimming pool (in season) make up for the location, a little out of the way from the main Hong Kong attractions.
Handpicked by
Mathieu, NightNight collective

Bonus features

Air con
Bike rental
iPod dock

Hong Kong, San Po Kong (Kowloon)

Pentahotel Hong Kong

19 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Hong Kong

Cool stuff nearby

Nan Lian Garden walk 10 min
Kowloon City walk 14 min
Hong Kong Central car 18 min

The neighborhood

San Po Kong (Kowloon)

What you'll find there

  • Undig the under-the-radar foodie heaven of "Snack Po Kong", a residential and industrial neighborhood
  • Unwind at Nan Lian Garden, a 35.000-square-meter park built in the Tang Dynasty style with a full view of southeast Kowloon
  • Pay your respects at Chi Lin Nunney, a 33.000-square-meter wooden Buddhist temple complex built without a single nail

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