Lisbon, Bairro Alto / Chiado

Lisbon Old Town Guest House

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Why we like this hotel

White walls, azulejos and river views, welcome to Lisbon!
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Mathieu, NightNight collective

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Lisbon, Bairro Alto / Chiado

Lisbon Old Town Guest House

Largo do Corpo Santo 28, 2nd floor, 1200-129 Lisbon

Cool stuff nearby

Ribeira market walk 4 min
Bairro Alto walk 9 min
Elevador de Santa Justa walk 10 min

The neighborhood

Bairro Alto / Chiado

Lisbon's nightlife quarter looks out over adjoining Chiado, which survived the 1988 fire and a 10-year reconstruction to become the city's most fashionable area. Traditional shops like A Carioca have been joined by a proliferation of hip boutiques, such as Soulmood.

What you'll find there

  • Thriving nightlife
  • Traditional shops meet hip boutiques
  • Picturesque views from the hilltops

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