London, Camden

Megaro hotel

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Why we like this hotel

Sneak out of your room and find your way to the David Lynch-esque hotel's secret bar.
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Kevin, NightNight collective

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London, Camden

Megaro hotel

Belgrove Street, Camden, London, WC1H 8AB

Cool stuff nearby

Regent's Canal walk 7 min
Fabric club subway 7 min
Shoreditch subway 10 min

The neighborhood


The moment you step outside the tube station, Camden attacks the senses. Bass thumps from the market stalls' speakers, the scent of street food and incense permeates the air, and goths, punks, pushers and tourists shove past, giving the area an unorthodox charm. Come to Camden for the atmosphere, but stay for the cheap restaurants and awesome live music scene.

What you'll find there

  • Live rock & indie music
  • World street food
  • Camden market

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