London, City

Motel One Tower Hill

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Why we like this hotel

Ask for a high level room to overlook the London skyline from your window.
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Kevin, NightNight collective

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London, City

Motel One Tower Hill

24-26 Minories, City of London, London, EC3N 1BQ

Cool stuff nearby

Whitechapel walk 7 min
Tower Bridge walk 8 min
Shoreditch bus 15 min

The neighborhood


The City of London, usually just called the City or the Square Mile, is the centre of trade and finance in Europe, rivalling New York City as the finance capital of the world. The traders, bankers and other wage-earners in the area have to work hard, so it's no surprise they like to play hard here, too. Flashy bars outnumber quiet pubs in the City, and most bars and restaurants are designed to impress.

What you'll find there

  • Cutting edge architecture
  • Great museums and culture
  • Upscale bars and restaurants

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