Paris, Montparnasse

9Hotel Montparnasse

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A world away from the usual fare of tacky Eiffel Tower wall stickers, this hotel boasts some great design, pure and simple.
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Paris, Montparnasse

9Hotel Montparnasse

76 Rue Raymond Losserand, 14th arr., 75014 Paris

Cool stuff nearby

Henri Cartier Bresson Fundation walk 7 min
Catacombs of Paris walk 15 min

The neighborhood


Montparnasse was once the heart of intellectual and artistic life in Paris. Though quieter today, Montparnasse's great transit, lively bars and restaurants still embrace its former grandeur.

What you'll find there

  • Great transit to explore the city
  • Typical Parisian bistros, bars and cafés
  • Shopping streets

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