Rome, Vatican City - Prati

Casa Vacanze Ripasso

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Feel like you're living in an artist apartment, where every single element of furniture has been carefully handcrafted. Whether you're a vintage lover or a minimalist, you would have never thought that you'd be so excited about sleeping on pallets.
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Bonus features

Car park

Rome, Vatican City - Prati

Casa Vacanze Ripasso

Via Pomponio Leto 3, Vatican City - Prati, 00150 Rome

Cool stuff nearby

Castello Sant’Angelo walk 9 min
Piazza San Pietro walk 10 min
Vatican museums walk 10 min

The neighborhood

Vatican City - Prati

Well connected to the rest of the city, Prati is a smart option for those you would like to escape from the bustle of the city center. If you planned to visit the Vatican city, be sure to high five the Swiss guards for us.

  • Faith, hope in humanity, and adorable kittens (depends on your priorities)
  • Vatican museums: Sistine Chapel, St Peters’ Basilica
  • Great authentic Roman trattorie

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